Tom Taylor

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Sustainability Interventions

88pp Illustrated


In a fast, demanding, regulated, value for money society with multiple diverse interests, managers of projects and programmes have their work cut out to deliver the necessary outputs and achieve the best outcomes.

This is compounded when a whole new range of criteria are thrown into the mix – covering Sustainability, The Environment and Green Issues – which in themselves are not clear, complementary or consistent.

Formal education and academia can grasp the opportunities to stimulate and inform future generations of managers, designers, scientists, administrators, builders, engineers, surveyors. However, it is the current generation, who frequently have had little formal or cohesive training in sustainability, who will immediately face the challenges, fulfil the opportunities and address the dilemmas.

This book is aimed at these practitioners to aid them in bringing their management expertise to bear on the sustainability themes – and provide leadership to the other respected team members and stakeholders who have their own interests, obligations, responsibilities and contributions on such matters.

This book is published under the creative commons license and is free to download from the University of Sallford or by clicking here (filesize 40Mb).

Alternatively, hard copies can be purchased direct from, or Amazon.


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